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The CEA application process - summary

The CEA application process – a summary
CEAS Broadsheet 1A – which you will find in your CEA EC information pack – outlines the process and the possible times for each stage. These are summarised in the diagram below. 
The minimum number of working days each stage will take is given in italics. The timings given are for guidance only. Time periods will depend on where you are located and whether you can accelerate stages by using fax or email. Some stages may take considerably longer, for example if there are queries or if there are errors in the application. 
You should allow at least 12 weeks to complete the CEA application process.
1 Contact CEAS for advice before making a commitment to a school. 
2 If CEAS advises you to go ahead, select a school. Obtain a letter from the school offering your child a place.
3 CEAS posts you a CEA Eligibility Certificate (CEA EC) Application Form in a CEA EC information pack. You cannot make a claim unless you have the information pack.
Allow 5 working days (longer if overseas)
4 Read the CEA EC information pack and JSP 752 Ch 9. Complete Part 1 of the CEA EC.
Allow 1 working day
5 Send the CEA EC to your Assignment Authority. The Assignment Authority completes, signs and stamps Part 2 of the CEA EC and returns it to you.
Allow 10 working days
6 Send the CEA EC to your Commanding Officer (CO). The CO completes and signs Part 3 of the CEA EC and submits it to the CEAGT.
Allow 1 working day
7 A copy of a letter from the school offering your child a place must be included with your initial application. Signed faxed copies and signed scanned copies of the CEA EC and the school’s offer letter are acceptable. The school must state the year group the child will be entering.
Allow 5 working days
8 CEAGT checks the application (Part 4) and follows up any queries with you, the Assignment Authority or your CO.
9 CEAGT updates JPA EC field to reflect authorisation and the CEA EC expiry date.
10 CEAGT authorises the CEA EC and returns it to you to forward to your Unit HR staff.
Allow 10 working days
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